Forced Orgasm Hentai Manga / Doujinshi

  • Mromantik Xvii

    Mromantik Xvii

    2012-07-30 Read Download

    (C79) [Studio30NEKO (fukunotsukuribe)] Mromantik XVII (Original) Manga Info :

    Category: Japanese Doujinshi

  • Chun-li Confined

    Chun-li Confined

    2012-04-21 Read Download

    Chun-li Confined Manga Info :
    Descripton:[COSiNE (Man-Chin-Low)] Chun-Li Confined (English)doujin-moe

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Metabolism-op – The Tale Of The Big-busted, Big-assed Archaeologist Nico Robin’s Unknown Past

    Metabolism-op – The Tale Of The Big-busted, Big-assed Archaeologist Nico Robin’s Unknown Past

    2012-02-22 Read Download

    Metabolism-op – The Tale Of The Big-busted, Big-assed Archaeologist Nico Robin’s Unknown Past Manga Info :
    Descripton:(C78) [8graphica (Yoshitama Ichirou)] Metabolism-OP – The tale of the big-busted, big-assed archaeologist Nico Robin’s UNKNOWN PAST (One Piece) [English]Taken from here: Started working on this one a couple weeks ago to try and obtain a Bounty and got finished tonight… Enjoy!I should point out though, that I’m no pro translator and not a very good editor – and on top of that, I recently obtained GIMP to use for when I translate & edit stuff like this – but while GIMP is without a doubt a better tool than Paint, which I used previously, I don’t have a very good grip on it yet, making my work seem perhaps a bit more rough then it otherwise would be (I guess <_<). Nonetheless, crude as my work may be, I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless :)If you want to talk to me, offer advice or just drop me any comment not directly related to this doujin, feel freeto do so in my thread at the Cove of Translators :)Edit: Discovered an error in one of the text bubble on page 3 that I missed (one of the words was completely outside of the speech bubble). Changed that and added the updated page 3. Sorry for missing that mistake ^^;;;

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Shinobu -hokaku- | Shinobu -capture- Ch.1

    Shinobu -hokaku- | Shinobu -capture- Ch.1

    2011-10-25 Read Download

    Shinobu -hokaku- | Shinobu -capture- Ch.1 Manga Info :
    Descripton:[Hakaba (Dairiseki)] Shinobu -Hokaku- | Shinobu -capture- Ch.1 (Comic Papipo 2006-11) [English] [Simhauu]

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Kunoichi Hininden

    Kunoichi Hininden

    2011-10-15 Read Download

    Kunoichi Hininden Manga Info :
    Descripton:[Jam Ouji] Kunoichi Hininden [English]

    Category: English Hentai Manga

  • Ichinana


    2011-10-03 Read Download

    Ichinana Manga Info :
    Descripton:a doujinshi with characters based off the game Darkstalkers and Vampire Saviour, translated by Sayo. Tag data copied from[Semedain G Works] {DarkStalkers} {ENG}

    Category: English Hentai Manga

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